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We Deliver!

  • mulch
  • pots
  • limestone and concrete slabs
  • wooden sleepers
  • water features
  • cement
  • gravels
  • blue metal

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All types of plants, trees and shrubs benefit from mulching by:

ORGANIC MULCHES – Karri and Peat, Jungle Mulch, Natures Mulch, Woodchips

  • Reducing evaporation of soil moisture. (Sandy soils are low in humus, so adding organic matter to soil will improve soil structure)
  • Reducing erosion by water and wind
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Reducing soil temperature (for optimum root growth)
  • Controlling weeds, reducing competition for water and nutrients.

INORGANIC MULCHES – Rainbow Stone, cracked pea gravel, crushed brick, blue metal, Riverstone

  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Reduce soil temperature
  • Require no attention
  • Last forever

IMPROVERS – lawn top dress, soil conditioner, blended manure, mushroom compost, rose & veggie mix, garden blend

  • Increase soil structure
  • Increasing water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Add food
  • Increase micro organism and earth worm activity
  • Correct soil pH
  • Increase plant health

Perth sands are structure less and need organic matter to be productive.